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We are looking for your special human gifts

Volunteering in Camphill

Your special human gifts are more important than academic qualifications, although there are plenty of opportunities for those with both. Previous experience is not required, but instead a willingness to do what is needed and an enthusiasm to learn. Training takes place through work experience, and greater responsibility is given to each person as they develop their support skills.

Adults from all ages and backgrounds are always welcome to apply to become a part of our small community and after a successful application process, volunteers will typically live, work and share their lives in the Camphill Community Mountshannon for one year.

Why Volunteer?

Because in Camphill Community Mountshannon you will grow faster than you imagine.

There are many reasons to volunteer to work with adults with special needs in Camphill. It could be to gain experience in a social care setting, a gap-year, a yearning to travel abroad, a deep need for a sabbatical or a sense of needing to do something more connected to who they are. Regular feedback is that life sharing with adults with different needs enhances their life experiences more than they reckoned with. It can provide rich experiences of personal growth and many leave us "changed people", having acquired a different perspective of life in a community with special needs adults.

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Why volunteer? Because volunteers say they leave "changed people"

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Community feasting

Life as a volunteer in Camphill Community, Mountshannon

As a volunteer co-worker you will have your own daily programme of responsibilities within your household. You will be given a room of your own, you will have your meals together with other members of the household, and be supplied with the basic necessities of living. Everyone shares the same facilities and takes part in the daily rhythm of community life.

Living in a Camphill community presents a new challenge for the majority of volunteers at some point. To share your life with adults with a disability together with other new co-workers can be demanding and tiring, especially in the beginning when there is much to learn. But challenges are how we grow and life here can be intensely interesting, full of humour and enormous fun.

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