We Volunteer


Because in Camphill Community Mountshannon you will grow faster than you imagine.

Here, it is possible to build deep, lasting relationships, and develop practical and creative skills that open doors for the rest of your life.

Camphill is a worldwide social initiative that creates communities designed to include people with and without special needs. We strive to empower people to grow, learn, and achieve together. There are over 100 Camphill Communities worldwide. Camphill Community Mountshannon is a small community. Here, everyone gets to know everyone else very quickly and we spend a lot of time together, like an extended family.

Camphill communities draw their inspiration from the principles of anthroposophy. Founder Karl König was greatly inspired by anthroposophy, a spiritual philosophy which became more popular at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The term ‘anthroposophy’ is based on two Greek words meaning ‘wisdom of the human being’, and reflects on the basic questions we have of humanity, life and nature. It is not meant to be an abstract theory but instead can inform our daily practice and perhaps even ‘the meaning of life’.

Guest volunteers are integral to the work done at Camphill and an important part of creating a wonderful, exciting community. Volunteers generally get the opportunity to do something different with their lives and to ‘make a difference’ and Camphill is no exception.

Volunteers gain valuable practical experience, the opportunity to make new friends from different countries and cultures, explore interesting new places, and develop language and social skills.

There are multiple opportunities to work and grow, through different workshops and activities. And you gain the experience of living with residents or as a household with other guest volunteers. To learn more about the kind of activities we do in Camphill, visit the Home Life page.

Learning new skills is how we all grow and you will learn new skills, develop existing skills and help those around you develop theirs. You will learn all about the values at Camphill and above all you will contribute to enhancing the lives of everyone within our communities (and you will see how it is a two-way street).

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