The Application Process

This is a life- changing opportunity for volunteers over 21 years old to stay and participate in the community for a year.

Ideally volunteers will have had some experience, training or genuine interest in the social care field, and have a desire to learn, engage in training and support people with learning difficulties.

What is the admission process?

You will need to fill in the online application form, which includes a medical questionnaire.

You will then upload your CV, referees and your photo for ID.

We may ask you for further information.

Successful applicants will be required to apply for a visa (if outside of the EU) and arrange for a police check from their own country.

What happens during the training/induction period?

Induction or Introduction courses are looked at in our weekly coworker meetings. Volunteers join this meeting after 2 – 4 weeks.

After arriving the volunteer will typically be given a tour of the houses, land, gardens and workshops and introduced to all members of the community. They will learn about individual care needs and the rhythms of the day and week. Time off and pocket money is also arranged. After 6 months, a deeper understanding of the principles of support and care in a life-sharing community will be achieved, including how to administer medication under supervision, crisis prevention and intervention. Basic First Aid training and Manual Handling training is undertaken and reviews take place after 6 – 8 weeks, 3months and 6months. A final review takes place before you leave.

What do Camphill Community Mountshannon need from a Volunteer?

You do not need any previous experience, as training and development will be given in-house. However, there are some things we need from you:

  • you will need to be 21 years or over

  • be able to understand spoken and written English. Your English needs to be easily understood, verbally and written

  • be enthusiastic, motivated, diplomatic, honest, reliable, trustworthy and have a pleasant nature

  • you will be patient and will value all people with different abilities, beliefs and religion to your own with respect.

  • be self-motivated, work on your own initiative and be able to work as part of a team

  • you will be open to sharing your skills and keen to learn new skills from others

  • you will be keen to be involved in cultural and social activities within the community

Some other skills and experience that would be useful for volunteering:

  • previous experience of living or working with people with learning disabilities

  • previous experience of caring for people or supporting people to develop their skills and abilities (this may have been for family or friends)

  • previous experience of sharing a household with others, family or friends

  • previous experience of working as part of a team

  • an interest in creative arts, such as crafts, drama, music and singing

  • an interest in farming, gardening and food production, for example making jams and chutneys

  • physical and mental health and fitness as some work can be mentally and physically challenging

See the bottom of the page for 'Volunteer Form'