Home Life for people with special needs

Home, Sweet Home

Camphill Community Mountshannon have beautiful large, mature gardens, a brick pizza oven and a greenhouse for planting seedlings, a hen house, trampoline, swings and bicycles. We also have a weavery and a firewood and kindling processing facility.

In each house, residents with special needs have their own bedroom and bathroom facilities on the ground floor. The first floor is occupied by live-in staff and their family, who provide support to residents in creating the homely atmosphere of the centre.

The kitchen-dining areas and sitting room are always available to the residents and there is open access to mature gardens with animals & pets.

Residential houses at Camphill Mountshannon
Residential house in Camphill, Mountshannon

Activities, Crafts, Festivals & Feasts

Crafts & activities change all of the time, depending on the season and what materials and resources we have available to us at that particular moment.

Examples past and present are: the fire-wood project, estate management and maintenance, gardening, horse & donkey care, hen care, weaving, basket making, arts & crafts, music, a life skills programme, baking and so on. In the broader community, we have enjoyed activities such as swimming, riding, sports, going to the gym and so on; as well as supporting employment, education and training. Additionally, we enjoy social, cultural and leisure activities as a whole community; such as hiking, going to the cinema, pub, concerts, eating out, visiting the local market and going to local cultural events.

Therapies for people with special needs

We offer access to complementary therapies by qualified local therapists such as music, counselling, massage, curative eurythmy and access to the Cuinas Centre who support carers and people with disabilities. Therapists working regularly in our centre are Garda vetted and report to the Person In Charge (PIC) as part of the annual review process.

Our Anthroposophical Doctor visits twice a year and works in collaboration with our GP doctor in the local medical centre.

The Person Centred Plan

It is important for the ongoing well-being of each person, and for our community, that there is a process of individual reflection. An essential aspect of the review is to keep in mind the unfolding biography of the individual and the degree to which they are finding fulfilment. Together we consider how the past year has gone and how various aspects of the residents’ life might change in the year ahead by planning their next steps and contributing to the ongoing development of their Person Centred Plan.

The Person centred plan

Never 'one size fits all.' Each of us grow differently