Meaningful Work for All Abilities

Our unique talents

At Camphill Community Mountshannon, it doesn’t matter what our abilities are, we all work together and we support one another’s journey in revealing our individual and unique talents.

We all have a fundamental need for meaningful work which keeps us active and useful to those around us. Our working lives open up daily opportunities for engaging with other people and it gives us a shared purpose.

The community has plenty of beautiful outdoor as well as indoor workshop spaces and there are many varied options for people with all abilities to find something where they shine.

There’s much to be done!

There is work on the farm, in the gardens, in the homes, the office and in the workshops. All of the work we do contributes in a very important way to the community and our sense of belonging within the life of the village of Mountshannon and the surrounding area.

We support a range of both traditional and contemporary craft workshops, as well as land management activities in and around our biodynamic garden which produces much of our food and fuel.

People who join us are involved in the daily running of the community depending on their abilities. This provides work and training opportunities and where appropriate, support can be given to facilitate external formal learning for specific skills. We want to promote independence, interdependence and person-centred development for everyone here.