The Weavery

When we work in The Weavery, it is easy to see that our different abilities make no difference when it comes to our creative abilities and that we all have the ability to make beautiful things.

The Weavery is our workshop space; a light-filled room where we experience the therapeutic aspects that the colours of the rainbow can give us

So many of our homes and our workplaces are sterile or use a limited pallet, and yet nature bombards us with colour of every shade imaginable. Colour is uplifting and magical, and here in the Weavery, we are able to immerse ourselves with choosing the colours we are drawn to and work with the soft materials such as wool, linen and silk to create beautiful handmade projects for example table runners, rugs and bags.

The residents are involved in the decision making of each of the different steps of their project and everything is woven with great care and patience. The calmness of both the space, the activity and the process of creating something with our own hands grows self esteem and forms the connection with our mind and body in a calm, meditative exercise.

In the weaving process you are invited to create not just an object but to make something both useful and beautiful to decorate your room, your home or to give as a gift.

These activities really help to create an inner space for thinking and reflecting, to enjoy the variety of colours of the rainbow. They help concentration and develop a slow, steady rhythm; a feeling of calmness and being in the moment with this beautiful project, discovering your most creative self.