Our Camphill Community

The model in Mountshannon is that of an extended family and we mutually support one another whatever our abilities are.

Our co-workers include social care workers, a health and safety officer, long and short term volunteers, plus administrative support and general support workers. We all receive regular supervision and ongoing professional development. Some of us live in with our families, supporting residents and contributing to the homely atmosphere of Camphill Communities.

Governance & Management Structure

Camphill Community Mountshannon (CCM) is a registered business name of Ard Aoibhinn Community Initiatives Ltd., a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, Reg. No.352829

Ard Aoibhinn Community Initiatives Ltd. was established in 2001 as a charity for the promotion of community based social enterprise, Charity No. CHY14535

Management Group

The Management Group deals with both day to day management and centre development, planning and review.

Morning gathering

Every morning for all co-workers. and residents to come together to organise the day. We start the day singing and then review the plan for the different daily activities, any changes recorded, information is passed on, such as the menu of the day and the well-being of the residents.

Co-worker meetings

The Co-worker meeting is for staff to allow for coordinating the week, plan group activities, bring new ideas, share important information including information from Management to the wider group. It is also an open space where all of the people we support can have the opportunity to place an item of interest or concern on the agenda.

House meetings

House meetings are less formal gatherings in each of the houses where individuals who would not manage in more formal settings are provided an opportunity to give and receive feedback from other members of the household. They are held as often as required.

Community Building Forum & Annual Visioning

This is a meeting for everybody in the community, to discuss issues or themes which need further discussion, such as to organise a festival together or to discuss relevant information related to the community development. Opinions are shared and new ideas are always welcome. This is the framework within which our annual visioning process takes place which then informs our annual strategic planning.